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"Tara" is the plantation that Scarlett O' Hara was raised in . In the book of " Gone With the Wind" , it said

that " Tara" was a part of Scarlett's soul that she could not live without.  After marrying Rhett Butler later in her life she moves back to " Tara"  and raises her daughter " Bonnie Blue Butler ".  While  encountering her second  pregnancy, she falls down a staircase and  it makes Rhett feel very guilty for the incident since he told her that maybe she will have an accident since she was angered and exasperated at Rhett. Unfortunately, Bonnie  dies shortly afterward while riding her Shetland Pony; she decides to jump the bar that is now higher and sadly while about to jump it, she falls off the pony and breaks her neck on the bar. Now since Bonnie is deceased, Rhett has no further purpose with Scarlett and decides to leave his wife ( Rhett was always jealous when Scarlett even mentioned the name " Ashley Wilkes" and it always made him envious ) . Scarlett in the end is miserable but is able to find enough courage to fight for Rhett and to show that she was a fool to chase after something that doesn't exist .

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